The Læra Institute helps knit the UArctic together as a borderless academic community through our support for faculty and students studying the Circumpolar world. We are committed to fostering dialogue between UArctic member faculty teaching Circumpolar Studies, as well as to provide ways for students to make their voices heard. We aim to offer on a regular basis opportunities for faculty and students to come together:

  • Faculty workshops — gatherings of UArctic member faculty teaching Circumpolar Studies, to share educational innovations, resources and best practice, and to disseminate pedagogical research
  • Student symposia — gatherings of UArctic member students studying Circumpolar Studies, to share their learning experiences and feedback for faculty, as well as to showcase their own research
  • Conferences — side-meetings, workshops and sessions at international Arctic conferences for faculty and students to discuss Circumpolar Studies, and to give papers and presentations on educational innovation and pedagogy for the Circumpolar North

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