The Læra Institute regularly sponsors academic conference sessions on educational innovation and pedagogical best practice in Circumpolar Studies.  We invite scholars, educators and practicioners to our sessions to give and discuss presentations on cutting-edge work in these areas, and we publish calls for abstracts on our news feed.  Members of the Læra Institute Steering Committee also take part in academic conferences, symposia and workshops to introduce our work, and to discuss Circumpolar education more broadly.

Past Læra Institute conference sessions and appearances include (follow links for wrap-up notes and recordings):

Upcoming Læra Institute conference sessions include (follow links for call for abstracts):

  • September 2023 — 8th UK Arctic Science Conference (Cambridge, UK)
  • May 2024 — 4th UArctic Congress & 11th International Congress for Arctic Social Sciences (Bodø, Norway) — call for abstracts in due course

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