On 12th March 2021, the Læra Institute held our first faculty workshop, on the topic of 'Circumpolar Studies Is...'.  The workshop took place online in two sessions—a 'Trans-Atlantic' session timed to cover North America and Europe, and a 'Trans-Pacific' session timed to cover Asia and western North America.

In our call for participation, we asked prospective workshop participants to consider what it means to say—academically, pedagogically and practically—that Circumpolar Studies is interdisciplinary, comparative, polyvocal, pedagogically diverse and interconnected.  The ensuing discussion now serves to inform our on-going work to support Circumpolar Studies teaching and learning within UArctic.  Some participants also provided written comments ahead of the workshop sessions.

The Læra Institute is most grateful to the 21 Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars from fourteen UArctic member institutions in five countries who took part in the workshop.  Their oral and written contributions constitute a rich source of information and inspiration for faculty and students teaching and learning about the Circumpolar North.  With the permission of all participants, we're pleased to be able to make available here a video recording of the 'Trans-Atlantic' session, as well as a document containing the transcript of that session.  We regret that technical difficulties precluded the recording and transcription of the 'Trans-Pacific' session, but the document also contains notes from the 'Trans-Pacific' session moderator.  The document contains copies of all written submissions as well.

Download a copy of the 'Circumpolar Studies Is...' workshop document, and watch a recording of the 'Trans-Atlantic' session embedded below or on our Vimeo channel.


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