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This week, the Læra Institute took an active part in the 25th Arctic Science Summit Week, convening a session on 'Educational innovation and pedagogy for the Anthropocene Arctic' together with the Mary Robinson Centre for Climate Justice at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Our two sessions (with a brief break in between) took place on Tuesday 21st February, and they included 11 presentations:

  • 'Introducing the Læra Institute for Circumpolar Education' — an introduction to the Læra Institute, and an invitation to get involved with the UArctic and with our educational and pedagogical work, from our Managing Director Anthony Speca
  • 'Polar Educators International: The first 10 years, 2012-2022' — an introduction to the work of Polar Educators International from PEI President Maria Pia Cassarini
  • 'The YAN Handbook: Engaging discovery, play and learning in connection with Arctic nature' — an introduction to a poster presentation on the Youth for Arctic Nature handbook of educational activities from Deisi Maricato of Hólar University
  • 'The Arctic Risk Platform: Merging polar disciplines to create bespoke climate risks for global leaders and decision makers' — an introduction to a poster presentation on the Arctic Risk Platform from Susana Hancock of Arctic Basecamp
  • 'Education towards international cooperation and coordination in emergency preparedness, prevention and response: Example of the student Barents Rescue Exercise' — an introduction to a poster presentation on an educational crisis simulation from Jana Eliokwu-Prochotska of the University of Tromsø
  • 'Educating future Arctic and climate-change practitioners via scenario-based educating future Arctic and climate change practitioners via scenario-based education: Case study from UiT’s International Emergency Preparedness Programme' — from Dina Abdel-Fattah of the University of Tromsø
  • 'Introducing the Scotland Model Arctic Council' — on the SCOTMAC educational simulation, from Anthony Speca of Polar Aspect and Sennan Mattar of Glasgow Caledonian University
  • 'Fighting Epistemicide 101: An educational program for early-career polar scientists before engaging with local Arctic communities' — from Larson Kaidel of Dartmouth College 
  • ‘"We are of the world now": An examination of digital education expansion and access in Canada’s Yukon Territory' — from Lisa Jane de Gara of the University of Edinburgh
  • 'Civic education and the Circumpolar North: Anti-colonial approaches for teaching in and about the Anthropocene' — on the Co-Designing Civic Education for the Circumpolar North project, from Jason Young and Kayla Stevenson of the University of Washington
  •  'Engaging rural and Alaska Native undergraduates and youth in Arctic STEM' — onthe PolarTREC program, from Janet Warbuton of the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States

We're grateful to the International Arctic Science Committee, the Austrian Polar Research Institute and the University of Vienna or organising and hosting the conference, and for offering to us the opportunity to convene this session.

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