The UArctic Læra Institute for Circumpolar Education recently published the first edition of our guidebook to Circumpolar Studies curriculum development, to support UArctic member faculty who are developing, re-developing, reviewing or enhancing undergraduate curricula focused on the study of the Circumpolar North.  Download your copy of the guidebook.

Our guidebook offers a set of principles for the development of Circumpolar Studies curricula that address the Circumpolar North in all its diversity, and that facilitate meaningful learning outcomes.  By supporting UArctic member faculty to achieve these goals, our guidebook aims to strengthen existing UArctic academic standards, and to reinvigorate the connections between a UArctic-wide academic community of educators and students.

We are now calling for participation in a faculty workshop to discuss Circumpolar Studies curriculum development, and to begin gathering comments and suggestions for a second edition of our guidebook.  The workshop will take place as part of the UArctic Assembly meeting hosted by Université Laval in Quebec City, Canada, from 10.30 to 12.00 local time on Tuesday 23rd May 2023.  The workshop is open to faculty from any UArctic member institution interested in undergraduate teaching and learning about the Circumpolar North, whether in the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities or arts.

If you would like to participate in this workshop, we would be grateful if you would please RSVP to the Managing Director of the Læra Institute, Dr Anthony Speca of Trent University, at .  If it is not possible to RSVP in time, you can simply attend on the day.

If you cannot attend the workshop, but you would like to offer written comments on our guidebook or on Circumpolar Studies curriculum development more generally, please also feel free to contact us via the same email address.

We look forward to your contributions!

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