This broad-based exemplar course provides UArctic instructors with materials and resources to elaborate their own version of this course and tailor it to their regional and institutional needs.  The course fits the UArctic Course themes of lands and environments, peoples and cultures & contemporary issues.  Whilst designed from an English literature and Northern Cultural Studies perspective, there is plenty of scope for parts of this course to be used in more interdisciplinary settings as well as adapted for online or distance delivery.

The exemplar course includes a course pack with overarching course description, a series of critical questions, as well as a set of course learning outcomes.  There are also ten free-standing modules divided into topics, titles and brief module descriptions.  Each module has a list of core and recommended texts that instructors can use as a resource for their own course development and class readings. These suggested modules can be adapted, taught non-sequentially or added to as necessary.

The exemplar course also includes a sample lesson plan to give instructors an idea of how classroom time could be structured, and a suggested assessment framework with descriptions of the kinds of assignments with which students might be tasked.

Prospective instructors are free to contact Dr Drew Lyness at Yukon University with questions, ideas, or experiences of elaborating these materials.


Download exemplar course materials (licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0 International):

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