Earlier this year, the Læra Institute issued a call for proposals for the development of two new undergraduate Circumpolar Studies courses.  These courses would serve exemplars of the types of courses that could be designed in keeping with our Circumpolar Studies Curriculum Development principles, and which could supplement the existing core courses in the UArctic Circumpolar Studies programme.

We are pleased to announce the two proposals selected by our Steering Committee:

  • 'Representations of the Circumpolar North in literature, film and popular culture' — Drew Lyness, Yukon University
  • 'Climate change and the Circumpolar North' — Tara Stehelin, Yukon University

Congratulations to the successful proponents!  Each proponent will receive 3,500 CAD to develop their proposals further, in consultation with the Læra Institute. They are also invited to present their work at the upcoming Arctic Congress in Bodø, Norway, as part of the UArctic Læra Institute's proposed session on educational innovation for the Circumpolar North.

The two exemplar courses will be neither fully complete courses, nor just course syllabi.  Instead, they will be framework courses detailed enough for UArctic faculty to use without significant additional work, but flexible enough to be easily adaptable and extendable to local educational and Circumpolar contexts.  They will be to be shared with UArctic member institutions via our website under a Creative Commons license CC BY-ND 4.0.

We look very much forward to these two exemplar courses, which are due by 30th April 2024.

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